traditional and wild project

Why Go Wild is part of the Traditional and Wild project, a collaboration between WWF, TRAFFIC, academic institutions and local authorities in Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Poland that uses traditional knowledge about wild plant collection to help vulnerable rural populations in Central Europe. Traditional wild plant use can help foster sustainable harvest and trade and improve the livelihoods of people in these rural areas, and the project will revive cultural traditions and knowledge that might otherwise be lost.


a true interactive experience

Perverte approached the project as an interactive experience rather than a website. The splash page is a panoramic video, designed to make users feel like they are standing in a forest—when the cursor moves toward the edges of the screen, users see more of the forest, as if they’re turning their heads to take in more of the view around them.

New audio layers are loaded according to users’ movements, so panning to the right, for example, makes the right-side speaker or headphone play new sounds of birds. Large background images and videos, combined with an earthy color palette, textures, typography and carefully crafted animations play an important role in setting the mood for the entire experience.

Perverte developed a customized CMS to handle the content in six languages: English, Polish, Hungarian, Slovenian, Czech and Romani. A variety of interactive content is presented in a playful way, without the need to refresh the pages, such as the “Did you know?” section for trivia—did you know that the average human head produces 16 kilometers of hair a year? You can test the knowledge you’ve acquired in multi-level quizzes, browse an interactive Google Maps-based display of case studies involving wild plants, or explore more than two dozen infographics—more than enough reasons to go wild!




• 9th annual pixel awards - green category

• FWA Site Of The Day | 05.23.2014

• Communication Arts Webpick of the Week | 06.06.2014


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